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Our Concept

"Aburi" refers to the technique of torching fish, therefore enhancing its flavor by lightly searing it. This process not only brings out the fish's taste but also imparts a subtle smokiness. Using premium Japanese white oak charcoal, the torching method effectively filters out torch-related gases. The Aburi technique gently sears the fish, leaving it partially cooked.

Our Food

Our culinary style is our take on traditional Japanese dishes with our fresh daily cuts and locally sourced products that have other Asian inspirations to bring new flavor to your palate. Our fish is flown in fresh directly from Tsukiji Market, Japan. We use Japanese red rice vinegar, called akazu, to season our sushi rice. The color of this vinegar, a dark reddish-brown due to the sugars and amino acids, adds a light brownish tint to the white rice and umami without the sharp vinegar flavor. Since our concept is Aburi, the red vinegar gives more of a balanced flavor to every bite. You will be experiencing not only the best of what Japanese culture can bring, your tastebuds will be on a trip across Asia with our influences in our dishes across our menu.

Our Cocktails

Our cocktails are traditional cocktails with flavors and ingredients heavily influenced by the Japanese bar world. There is beauty in our technique, history, stories, and tales that create the world of cocktails we’re diving into. We pay tribute to all the influences, then take a step to put our twist and desires of flavor on the libations. Because one should not indulge in such great food without amazing spirits to pair.On that being said…Our selected wines and sake area is based on our own selection of enjoyable spirits some may know and not know. The varieties are what people love and enjoy. Though the favorites will always be nearby or easy to uphold. It is something fun and exciting that will be waiting for you to try.

Our Hospitality

Our hospitality is an approach to elevated, fun, and classic styles. Understanding memories around the traditional dining table and the love that it brings to spark our passion. We want you to feel comfortable and as a family here. Not to have to worry about being left behind, we are here to guide you to create an exceptional memory to carry on. We want to be the reason moments are created and carry on when everyone leaves.

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